Customize Your Experience

For home buyers and sellers, as well as agents and brokers, we customize the solution to match the buying or selling needs.

Generate leads and referrals for home buyers, sellers, and brokers.

Both sides are satisfied. Home buyers, sellers, and brokers get the mobile search you want!



Lead Generation


Generate more leads and increase your monthly revenue. Find out how.




Customers can Filter, Search, Sort, and Favorite Properties

Fast search for a great user experience.

View and search for properties in list or map format.

Search for properties in your current location.

Favorite properties in search results and access them at any time.

Sort by relevance, distance, price, and square footage.

Filter by property type, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, open houses, and more.

Iphone silver list
Iphone silver map




Graphiq schools
Graphiq estimated value

Data and Visualizations to Help Make Informed Decisions


View nearby public and private schools as well as their rankings.

Get estimated values and market trends over time with our easy-to-read graphs.

Know the history and most recent sales of a listing.

Know how walkable and drivable the area is with our Walk IQ and Drive IQ scores.

Want to customize which visualizations are shown or access to more visualizations? No problem! Reach out to us.





Connect with Customers

Send customized push notifications to your user’s.

Our portal makes it easy to use and more effective than email.

Easily notify customers about new listings, updates, upcoming open houses, and events.

See how many users you’ve reached and how many clicked on your notification.

Push portal




Customer portal laptop


Your own personal customer portal, showing all of the customers who have downloaded and registered inside your app.

See how many users you have and how often they’re searching.

View user details like contact information, properties viewed and favorited, as well as the last time they were active inside your mobile app!

Check pending requests for more information on properties and get in direct contact.



Your native App will be available in iTunes and Google Play.


Give customers a unique URL to download your App on each App Store.

Increase your SEO performance by linking your App Store accounts with your website.

Enable all of your mobile website visitors to easily download your App.

itunes Store native


google play



Solutions to Fit Your Needs


Download and check out our demo app!






Create Your App

We discuss the features needed, then create a mockup of the mobile App for your real estate agency.


Mobile apps for real estate agents can vary greatly. We edit the design and/or functionality, based on your agency.


Once approved, we publish your real estate agency’s App, and your clients can begin using it in days.



Property Management Companies:

Affiliate Program for Real Estate

Property Management Software

Software for property management companies



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