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Customized Home Screen


Send us your logo, head shot, and branding materials

You may provide us with a background photo or select one of our beautiful images. 

Choose your own App name 



Your agency exists as a "digital business card" on your customers' devices for years to come.

With one click the customer can contact you and search the MLS. 


Property List Search Results


View properties in list format

Clean, fast scrolling

Excellent display

*Favorite properties (see below) 



Your customers will experience more efficient searching in your app.

Map Search


Defaults to user's current location

Displays available properties

Easy to zoom in and out, as well as to get directions


Your customers will experience more efficient property searching in your app.

Sort Listings


Enables the customer to sort their listings by multiple parameters

Sort by relevance, proximity, and square feet. 




Customers love the easy to use interface, making their search process efficient and effective.

Property Search Filter


Enables the customer to navigate listings using multiple parameters

Provides an accurate search experience.

Don't let your customers settle for out-dated listings or inaccurate information in other apps.



Help your customers to find the exact property they want, with ease. 



Favorite Properties


Customers can tap the heart on each property to save it in their list

Easy access to saved properties at any time

A customer is required to register in order to save a property. Their information is sent to you as a sales lead. 



By enabling customers to favorite properties, they can access them at any time with one-click.

No agent codes are required.

Customers love favoriting properties and checking them for updates. 

Lead Generation


Customers can "favorite" properties and register inside your app.

Customers can contact you via one click calling, email, or text. 

Submit questions from property details page. 

Integrated with your CRM for a streamlined sales process. 



Invite all of the prospects in your network to download and use your App. 

Customers can share properties inside your App

Integrated with your web site so that all mobile viewers can easily download


Select an Agent


Customer can select their agent of choice.

Drop down selection menu includes head shot and agent's information.

Each time the customer opens the app the selected agent's information will appear. 



Enables an office or team of agents to use one app.

Supports an unlimited number of agents.