3rd Party Apps

Tools such as Zillow.com or Realtor.com are “market place apps”
These are well known by consumers due to the brand advertising of these major players.
These apps are used by consumers for an initial property search or look into the market, and eventually they can find their agent of choice.
Studies show that when a home-buyer is more serious about their purchase they want to acquire an agent.

Some agents and home buyers experience the following when dealing with 3rd party solutions:

-inaccurate and/or outdated listings
-there are many agents listed
-there is a lot of information which can sometimes be overwhelming to the consumer

Conclusion: 3rd party apps are great as lead generation tools and should be utilized. Once the consumer has chosen their agent, a more user-friendly search experience is for the home buyer to run accurate MLS searches from within their preferred agent’s mobile app.

Your Own Custom Real Estate App

Users download your app when landing on your website or hearing about it in person, in social media posts, or via email.
Consumers prefer the most up to date MLS search experience and fastest user-interface possible
The home buyer can find their properties of choice, save searches, and communicate with their agent until the close of the transaction.
Having an app integrated with your website benefits your SEO (search engine optimization) or Google ranking, and also converts more visitors into leads.

Benefits for Agents and Consumers:

Saves time for both parties
more streamlined communication
faster, more accurate search experience

Conclusion: Homebuyers prefer using their agent’s mobile app (provided by SnApp), because it gives them more accurate data and faster communication.