Get Your Own Mobile App


Corporate / MLS Apps:

  • Many MLS Apps, force the user down a multi-step sign-in process
  • This is because the app isn’t dedicated to a particular office or agent, so the homebuyer must navigate to find their preferred agent.
  • Agents are dependent on updates / technology maintained by the MLS
  • The app is a “Web app” and not “native” meaning it operates slower and actually utilizes a web browser to access info and functions.
  • The listings / search pages may use an outdated design or user interface

Example of 5-step sign-in process required by many MLS or corporate apps:

IMG_4969IMG_4970 IMG_4972 IMG_4973 IMG_4974

Your Own Custom Real Estate App

When opening your app, home buyers are taken straight into your listings without having to provide info or take multiple steps. This component is essential to the conversion process and your ability to retain the prospect as a client.

Users download your app when landing on your website or hearing about it in person, in social media posts, or via email.

Consumers prefer the most up to date MLS search experience and fastest user-interface possible
The home buyer can find their properties of choice, save searches, and communicate with their agent until the close of the transaction.

Having an app integrated with your website benefits your SEO (search engine optimization) or Google ranking, and also converts more visitors into leads.

Benefits for Agents and Consumers:

Saves time for both parties
more streamlined communication
faster, more accurate search experience
no registration required inside the app
app is integrated with the website so mobile users get prompt to download – 1 click

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