Is this similar to other real estate apps?

Rather than being listed in an app with many other agents, we offer you the ability to have your own custom mobile app, for real estate agents and brokers. Below is a video that depicts the difference between 3rd party apps and custom mobile apps.

I already have a mobile web site. Why do I need an App?

My MLS or corporate office provides us an App to use. Why do I need another one?

How does SnApp integrate my App with my website?

How do customers find my App?

Real Estate Facts

  • 88% of Home buyers expect a reply within an hour.
  • 42% expect a reply instantly.
  • Only 30% of agents respond to a home buyer within 1 hour.
  • 71% of Home buyers prefer to search for real estate inside an app.
  • 68% of Home buyers contact an agent as a result of a mobile search.