Marketing Your Real Estate App

  We recommend several methods to market your real estate agency’s app, in addition to any other methods you find to be successful. The goal is to make your potential customers aware that their searching experiencing will be significantly easier, via your app. After downloading your app, you “exist” on your customers phone, throughout their Read more about Marketing Your Real Estate App[…]

Real Estate Agents can Survive in a Post-Trulia-Zillow-merger-world

Yes, it’s true…we are impatient as a society, let alone when we are searching for real estate. Having lightning-fast laptops, with access to high-speed wifi internet is simply not enough. Nowadays, we demand all of this to be accessible, without fail, and at a second’s notice. The demand for consistently impressive technology is evident when Read more about Real Estate Agents can Survive in a Post-Trulia-Zillow-merger-world[…]