How To Use Push Notifications To Boost Your Real Estate Sales

In today’s mobile world, push notifications are a great way to boost your real estate sales. They allow you to reach out to your clients and prospects wherever they are to communicate with them with your real estate app and lead them to the right offer.

How Do You Get Clients and Prospects to Opt-in?

In order to send push notifications to people who have downloaded your real estate app, you need to get them to give you their permission to receive offers from you.

Similar to email marketing, you shouldn’t reach out to people who didn’t opt-in. By doing so, you risk angering your users and they will likely uninstall your app.

To successfully get people to opt-in for your push notifications and drive your real estate sales, do the following.

Request that they opt-in right after they install your real estate app.

You have the best chance to convert clients and prospects into subscribers when they have just installed the app and they’re opening it. So it’s important that you request right from the start.

Present the benefits to them.

People will only subscribe to your notifications if you promise to deliver some type of value. But keep in mind that what you and your users find valuable might be two completely different things. So the first thing you need to do is to understand what they expect to receive from your real estate app. Then tell them exactly how they can benefit from opting in.

Offer them options.

When users can select which types of notifications they can receive, they’re more likely to select those that appeal more to them. For example, a user might choose to only receive information regarding hot properties and not general company news.

Permit users to make changes to their preferences.

Your users should always be in control, or you’ll risk frustrating them. They should be able to easily turn on or off notifications whenever they want to.

 Considerations When Using Notifications to Boost Real Estate Sales

  • Know how often to post: Most people who use push notifications either post updates too often or not often enough. How often you do depends on your audience and their preferences.
  • Use local push: This will help you increase open rates and conversions.
  • Geo-targeting: By targeting your audience according to their location, you can offer deals that are more suitable for people who live in a certain area.
  • Make it easy for users to turn off notifications: Provide the option for people to easily turn off notifications if they no longer want to receive them.
  • End pushes that are no longer relevant: Not all notifications remain relevant. If a deal expires, it’s best to delete messages that no longer matter.

Strategies To Improve Real Estate Sales with Notifications

  • Timely offers: Most of the users want to receive great deals, such as price drops or when a hot property goes on the market in their area.
  • Send reminders: You can use push notifications to remind your users about your real estate app. Simply send them appropriate messages that grab their interest and attention.
  • Provide helpful content: You can send notifications with content that’s useful and valuable to them to increase your engagement and trigger more real estate sales.

Push notifications are just one way you can keep yourself and your business up-to-date and boost real estate sales. One of the most important tools you can utilize is an app customized for your personal business by SnApp.  To explore the features of this amazing tool and download a demo, visit our website and then contact us to learn more.