Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Tips For The Spring/Summer Season

Dominate Your Market This Season


Warm weather season is upon us, and it couldn’t be a better time to ramp up your real estate marketing efforts. As you know, Spring is the time of year when buyers really get out to look at potential new homes. This is a great time to be proactive. Spring is the busiest season for real estate professionals which means you need to find ways to distinguish yourself against all the competition. Build momentum for the warmer days ahead by amping up your marketing and showcasing your listings to gain new customers and happier clients.

Top 3 Spring/Summer Real Estate Marketing Tips

More Open Houses

As the weather gets warmers, people will spend more time outside. Open houses can be difficult on agents. As a busy working professional, you would probably rather spend your time doing something else. But, to those agents who take the time to do them and do them well, they can be a great source of new clients. Open house during the warm weather marketing are always busier, giving you a great opportunity to find new clients. Present the best experience to those coming through the property, and you are guaranteed success.

Curb Appeal Season

With warmer weather and flowers blooming, it is a great time to show off properties. First impressions are everything for a potential buyer, both in person and online.  75 percent of buyers start their search online, which means your photography and descriptions are critically important. Take advantage of the weather and make make sure that yards are mowed, flowers are blooming and pictures are taken by real estate professionals. Spruce up the home, and you will be ahead of the game.

Using Technology

As the seasons change, so does business. You are about to head into the busiest time of year. This means agents have less time for marketing, and miscellaneous tasks that are typically take care of during other seasons. This is where technology can really come in handy. Having your own personal real estate app, will allow you to streamline your business and ensure everything is handled all in one place. Show new listings, be in constant contact with clients, and never got loss in the shuffle by using larger listing services.

Be ready for the busiest time of year by being proactive with your business.


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