Top 3 Reasons Android Development is More Expensive

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Here at SnApp Real Estate, we develop both iOS and Android mobile apps. Like other developers, we have noticed that Android development simply takes longer. In a recent post on Infinium, real stats were pulled to show just how much longer developing for Android takes, and in turn why you generally see a higher cost point. Here on this post we break down the Top 3 Reasons why this is the case.

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Top 3 Reasons Android Development is More Expensive

  1. More Code – Developers are writing an average of 40% more coding on an Android than on an iOS. Applications for Android are written in Java, which is simply a more verbose language than Objective-C or Swift. Although a lot of code is auto-generated it still takes a lot of time to be read, debugged, and maintained.
  2. Hours of Work – Because of more coding, developers must spend on average 30% more time working on Android than iOS apps. Android emulators are also slower than iOS. Because of this, it slows down the overall development, which means more hours of work and higher costs.
  3. Fragmentation/XML Layouts – On Android, layouts are primarily written manually in XML, so WYSIWYG techniques are used less than on iOS. Also fragmentation on more devices to test against, means more potential vendor specific bugs.


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