4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Real Estate Mobile App Design

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Avoid these real estate mobile app design mistakes

No matter the type of real estate mobile app you’re looking to have created for your business, design mistakes can be the nail in a coffin for any potential mobile technology. There are certain aspects that you need to take into consideration so people will want to use your app. Users want an app that is functional and offers value for multiple uses.

Make sure that your new mobile app doesn’t fall into any of the categories below.

  1. Bad first impression

It probably goes without saying that you’ll want to make a good first impression on users. If the user is turned off by the initial look and feel of the app, he or she will definitely not download. Some of the things users are looking for in a mobile app they’ll continuously use are functionality, fast page loading, and clear directions. According to Designshack.net, “The necessary actions should be easy to find and perform, and should all live in a neat and organized container that reflects the visual style of your brand and the rest of the app content.”

  1. No cues for users

The design of your real estate mobile app should have plenty of visual cues that tell users exactly what actions to take, like where to touch the screen to move through the app. Even if it’s pretty self-explanatory what the user can do, still add cues. Visual information will always leave a user with a great first impression.

  1. Cluttered interface

Clutter in any capacity is going to be a turn off. When considering the design, keep in mind that users will likely be viewing the app on a small screen. Add too many elements is bound to clutter the page and leave the user feeling overwhelmed. Designshack.net says to “think of each ‘screen’ as a single container for a single element. When you move to the next screen, a new bit of information can be displayed.”

  1. Design inconsistencies

Everything in your app should always be uniform. The look and feel should be consistent throughout each page as the user scrolls through. Users will be able to pinpoint things that seem off, this includes everything from color scheme to font.

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