4 Most Wanted Mobile Real Estate App and Website Features

Incorporate these features into your real estate mobile app and website

real estate mobile app

It’s likely that, as a real estate professional, you’re wondering what your consumers are looking for when it comes to mobile technology. After all, you want to cater to your core audience and give the people exactly what they want.

If you’re new to the mobile technology boom—welcome! It’s nice that you finally decide to join us. We’re sure you are probably considering a real estate app to expand your consumer reach, but you need to know a few things first. Features within your app can, sometimes, make or break its downloadability. Make sure that if and when you decide to pull the trigger and hire a mobile app development company to help, you know the features your consumers can’t live without.


According to Inman.com, “76 percent of mobile users want to get location information. Make sure you include your office address on your mobile site.” It goes without saying that you should always include, on your mobile website, the location of your physical office address. However, your mobile app or website should just be the starting point, meeting face-to-face will never go out of style in real estate.


This is probably the most important feature on a mobile website. “61 percent of mobile users want to be able to call you with a simple click,” per Inman.com. With the ability of most smartphones to click phone numbers and be able to instantly call, it’s extremely important to make this information as easily accessible to users. Also, including a link or button to download your mobile app (if you have one) is always a good idea, but we’re talk about that a bit later.


Along with the call-to-action, email communication is an important feature most buyers are looking for in a mobile app and website. In fact, “54 percent of mobile users want to be able to click to send you an email. Use the envelope icon for easy click-to-email,” according to Inman.com.

An app

Last, but certainly not least, per Inman.com “53 percent of mobile users want to be able to download a mobile app.” If you’re not offering a mobile app download on your website, you may lose mobile consumers to a site that does. For us, the only reasonable explanation as to why you wouldn’t offer the option to download a real estate app is because you don’t have one in the first place. But don’t worry, we can help with that.

Let SnApp help

If you’re looking for a real estate mobile app development company that will work with you and incorporate the features your consumers want—we have you covered. Here at SnApp Real Estate, we are an experienced real estate mobile app development company that promises to build you high performance real estate mobile apps. Our apps will help you streamline your business and connect with clients easier, not to mention they are truly affordable.