4 Ways to Protect Your Real Estate App

How do you protect your mobile device?

There are some mobile apps for agents and brokers that can do some pretty efficient things like organize personal information and prioritize tasks with just the click of a button. Consequently, because mobile apps today are more intuitive and able to hold more professional and personal information, the risk of having that information hacked is high.

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As a real estate professional, it’s without a doubt that your mobile device is your life, stock full of yours and your clients’ personal information. A breach of your mobile device would leave everyone involved at risk and would be a huge headache for you. With real estate mobile app developers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to mobile capabilities, it can be difficult to figure out how to protect yourself and your clients. But you don’t have to be a mobile expert to enable mobile security for yourself.

  1. Be wary of requests to download anything

It goes without saying, you shouldn’t download any file you’re not familiar with or that comes from an unfamiliar source. Many apps you download and open may have pop-up ads, and it’s never a good idea to click on anything that looks suspicious. Just as you would protect your computer by avoiding requests to download something while on a website, do the same for your mobile device when using a mobile app.

  1. Practice wireless safety

When thinking of protecting your mobile device, consider the same precautions when trying to protect your computer. You should avoid using public, unsecured Wi-Fi when sending information to clients or having clients send you confidential information. Although the local Starbucks has free Wi-Fi that requires minimal work on your part to access it; remember, it’s a shared network. And if could leave you open and susceptible to mobile hackers.

  1. Enable system or app updates to run

Those pesky system updates can come at the most inconvenient times. However, keeping your operating system updated can mean the difference between a semi-protected device and a fully-protected device. Additionally, many mobile app updates come with bug fixes, which can help in keeping your system more secure as well.

  1. Keep an eye on your mobile device

Never leave your mobile device unattended. A surefire way to get infiltrated by a hacker is to have your device stolen. Always make sure your password protects your device to help amp up security. If you should lose your phone, contact your service provide immediately. A temporary suspension can potentially be placed on your device, making it virtually impossible for any hacker to access anything. While this isn’t full-proof, it’s another precaution that could keep your personal and professional information safe.

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