5 Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Tools

real estate marketing

In the world of real estate marketing, selling can be challenging, particularly when you consider the thousands of realtors fighting for a small group of clients who possess the financial power to purchase a home. But the highly competitive environment of the real estate industry can make it tough for even the most seasoned real estate agents to close a sale.

Nevertheless, as long as there are properties that need to be sold, there will always be opportunities. So, how are some of the established real estate agents making themselves stand out? With the proper real estate marketing tools! Check out the top five tools you need to stand out in the real estate industry.

1. Professional Online Presence:

For many businesses, the internet is a vital channel for success. Today people are spending more and more of their time online shopping for groceries, travel packages, and even real estate. An agent’s online footprint – which includes a professional website and/or a blog – will put your business in touch with millions of potential clients in your local area and across the country.

And when you include the right tools for digital real estate marketing – including SEO – you will enjoy a constant flow of clients and the chance to make lucrative deals via your online campaign.

2. Robust Email Marketing:

A real estate agent’s online presence also provides the opportunity to gather email addresses from prospects. Emails are a priceless advantage in the world of digital marketing. When you compile your database, you can then begin sending informative emails on a regular basis. Links to your blog, real estate newsletters, or other helpful information will expand your online presence and but will also warm the hearts of prospects.

3. Utilize the Power of Video:

Forbes found that on average 40% of decision-makers reached out to a merchant after watching their videos. Video has experienced a boost in popularity thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Now that we all have smartphones that possess the ability to capture high-quality images, the process of recording and sharing videos has become easier than ever.

4. Mobile Apps:

App development has also grown exponentially over the past few years. Successful realtors are taking advantage of apps that help them manage practically every aspect of their real estate businesses. Today, apps allow real estate agents to perform amazing tasks from their smartphones. For example, you can take potential clients on a virtual tour of a house or map available properties in a given area.

5. Social Media Presence:

If you aren’t using a social media platform for your real estate business, you’re missing out on opportunities to take your business to the next level. The majority of realtors already recognize the benefits of visual platforms like Instagram but often don’t put the same efforts in promoting their business on Twitter and Facebook.

With a balanced, comprehensive social media campaign, you can connect with local clients, establish trust with your client base and boost sales, sometimes without spending a dime.

There is a multitude of other real estate marketing tools available for business owners hoping to make it in the competitive world of real estate. Most of them will boost your marketing efforts, and others will help you control your existing client base, but all of them have been developed to make your life easier.

Identify those that work for you and keep yourself updated with the latest tools and trends for being successful in the real estate business. One of those tools is an app customized for your personal business by SnApp.  To explore the features of this amazing tool and download a demo, visit our website, then contact us to learn more.