Have You Considered These 9 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads?

real estate leads

It’s crucial that realtors maintain a robust pipeline of real estate leads. Sure, when interest rates are low and the weather is beautiful, you’re probably swamped with clients. But there’s always a market fluctuation or lull right around the corner to slow down your momentum and, unfortunately, the delivery of your commission checks.

But you can prepare for the unpredictable element of real estate by building an arsenal of new tactics for generating leads. Here are a few strategies to get you thinking outside of the box and ahead of the curve.

Generating Leads in Real Estate

Develop partnerships. 

Make it a point to network with your area’s best bankers, attorneys and commercial lenders. Build strong partnerships with them that will benefit both parties. In doing so, you can share leads, monitor trends in associated industries and provide your clients with the resources they need.

Send a handwritten note of thanks.

Send a note to present or past clients thanking them for choosing you as their realtor. In today’s world, a handwritten note goes a long way to express your gratitude, and it keeps you from being just another unread email in your clients’ inbox.

Build an effective website.

It’s important to create your own web presence that allows you to build a personal brand by showcasing your specialties and sharing reviews from satisfied clients. And don’t forget to optimize your site by posting blogs that address common challenges or questions clients have during the buying process.

Build your own realtor app.

With your own personal app, customers can mark properties as their “favorites” and share them inside your app. In addition, they can contact you via one-click calling, email or text and submit questions from the property details page. The app can be integrated with your CRM to streamline your sales process and with your website so all mobile viewers can download it. Once developed, invite all of your prospects into your network to download the app.

Real Estate Technology

Cultivate a niche.

Concentrate on a certain niche and then lean into it and become an expert. This lets you focus your marketing efforts on a specific group and form a reputation as the go-to resource for these sellers and buyers.

Join an open house.

If you’re not attending open houses to gather new leads, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Many soon-to-be buyers stop by without having an agent so it’s the perfect time to make contact and offer to help them navigate the market.

Use LinkedIn.

Connect with LinkedIn groups that your target audience frequents. Research the groups your buyers are visiting and join the conversation before making a professional pitch. Once you’ve established a rapport, follow up with prospects by offering to discuss their questions further.

Arrange educational events.

By educating local consumers about buying their first home, you’ll build your personal brand and acquire new business at the same time. Partner with local businesses to host home-buying discussions over lunch or co-host an event with a lender to expand your audience base and boost lead potential.

Don’t ignore leads.

If you show prospects a number of properties before they decide that they aren’t ready to buy, don’t throw their contact information away. Instead, communicate with them about finding the perfect home when they’re ready.

Leads are essential in the real estate industry, and if you’re not using today’s technology to generate them, you’re really missing the mark. We can custom-build an app for you that can help you generate leads and do so much more! Check out the features that our apps provide, then contact us to request a free demo.