5 Ways a Real Estate App Helps You Communicate With Clients

real estate appEffective communication between real estate agents and their clients can be a major competitive advantage for them. Being aware of what you have to do in order to progress and succeed in completing sales begins with how you communicate your ideas to your clients. That’s where your custom real estate app comes into play.

There are numerous different ways that you, as a real estate agent, can communicate with clients at any stage of the sales process. Today we’re sharing information regarding how a real estate app can help you communicate with clients during their entire lifecycle.

1. Nurturing leads into clients:

You can easily connect with your various social media accounts vis your real estate app platforms.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are powerful platforms you can use to generate leads and turn them into paying clients. And it doesn’t take much work on your end. Simply post about your latest and best transactions on your network to keep your clients informed.

2. Keep on top of emails:

Emails often come in fast and furious right after new listings are posted. And it’s not hard for a follow-up to slip through the cracks as you try to collect information on a lead’s preferences and coordinate meeting times. Keeping in touch with your clients can deliver you with recurring business!

3. Close the deal:

The days of scanning, mailing, printing or looking over your client’s shoulder when they sign their lease are long gone. Your client doesn’t have to physically come to you to seal the deal. A simple platform in your real estate app makes it easy for clients to read, initial, and electronically sign their documents. When it’s all been said and done, an automated email can be sent stating that the lease process has been completed and indicate where it can be referenced online at any point in time.

4. A real estate app can create more engagement than a website:

A large percentage of millennials never venture far away from their phone. Being a real estate agent means you can make a connection with a large share of the buying population whenever you want once they’ve downloaded your real estate app. Research shows that mobile apps deliver double the new user retention power as compared to mobile web users. And app users are twice as likely to return within a 30-day period. By contrast, mobile websites have the lowest conversion rate and desktop falls in between the two.

5. Push notifications:

Once someone has downloaded your real estate app, you are free to send push notifications directly to your client’s device, and it’s a resource that you should take advantage of. These push notifications can be triggered in a number of ways:

  • Updates on new listings;
  • Reductions in price;
  • Property recommendations;
  • In-app messages from the agent.

Push notifications are far more likely to result in user engagement than an email because they keep visitors returning to the app.

Of course, more user communication and engagement ultimately result in more closings. Unfortunately, real estate apps are missing in far too many agents’ online leads and sales and marketing strategies. If you are a modern real estate broker or agent who wants to develop a meaningful connection with sellers and buyers, it’s time to take a serious look at a customized real estate app.

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