Are Your Clients and Prospects Deleting Your Emails

The Big Problem with Sending Too Many Emails to Customers

Real Estate emailIt’s a well-known fact that emails are the most successful method of marketing for today’s business owners. While it’s true that if you have a solid email marketing plan, your return on your investment can be up to 4,300%, but you can also fall into the trap of sending too many emails. Following are some of the problems that can create.

Readers may click to unsubscribe.

Your email marketing is only as successful as the number of people it reaches. But if you send too many emails, you’ll decrease your readership instead of growing it. Studies have shown that bombarding people with emails is the top reason they unsubscribe.

Your messages may be going into the spam folder.

Nobody likes spam. Unrequested emails that promise readers the world may be spam or contain viruses. Users have the ability to mark any or all messages as spam, even the emails you’re sending on behalf of your business.

You may be banned from other inboxes as well.

When a reader designates your message as spam, it can hurt your ability to connect with prospects. Spam filters track how many of your messages are marked as spam, and if you receive too many marks against you, any messages you send will be considered spam and you may eventually be blacklisted.

People may remove your emails without reading them first.

If you send out a lot of messages, people may delete them because they just don’t have time to read them. Your email messages won’t help you convert leads if your recipients don’t read it regardless of how convincing your content is.

Tell Them What They Want to Know and They’ll Open Your Emails

For busy real estate agents, mobile apps are second only to standing in front of a property and handing out flyers to every person who drives past, but with substantial advantages. They can help you target the right people – with the right message.


This email assumes that you have already communicated with the prospect in some way and that you are just supplementing the prior interaction with additional information that is relevant to them.

Valuable Real Estate Content Email: 

This is typically home-oriented, seasonal or market-related and gives the potential buyer with information that is valuable to them. You’ll use the information in your app to hone down on the areas of interest to them.

Market Status: 

These emails provide valuable information to potential buyers or sellers, but they can sometimes be overwhelming, so provide a concise summary of the relevant points.

Just Listed/Sold:

If you are closing one or two houses a month, sending an email per listing when the event takes place is acceptable. If you are doing more, you might consider combining the listings into one monthly email.


Your best bet is to include a testimonial from your previous real estate sellers and buyers in each of the emails you send in a section near the bottom.

Hopefully, these tips will help you put together a successful email marketing program and keep you out of the spam folders. Your SnApp customized app can help provide your customer and prospects with the information they want, when they want it.  To explore the features of this amazing tool and download a demo, visit our website, then contact us to learn more.