5 Ways Foster Real Estate Leads With a Customize App

Mobile apps have become quite effective for a wide range of customer loyalty and marketing activities. Realtors can use a customized mobile app to simplify the flow of communication with their customers and to utilize all the mediums they use to interact with each other. They are also a great tool for fostering real estate leads.

One of the most important roles that a mobile app should accomplish within your total marketing strategy is that of a lead-generation tool. In fact, on many levels, customized real estate mobile apps are even more effective than social media because they encourage personalization and interaction of communication on a more localized level.

As the competition for winning customer loyalty and trust increases, your organization needs to utilize all the tools it possesses to attract qualified real estate leads and nurture long-lasting relationships with both new and existing clients.

A customized real estate app can support this type of relationship-building with your clients and prospects in the following five ways.

1. Localization:

By providing the opportunity to collect detailed data regarding a user’s location, phone model, mobile carrier and other comparable information, your mobile app is a valuable tool for client-profiling. When you know where they are when they interact with you, it provides personalized content that is applicable to a user’s state of mind and availability.

2. Engaging at Precisely the Right Time:

Whenever you organize a showing, you can notify all your subscribers and offer them something if they attend. If they understand that this is a special promotion available specifically to them, it will make real estate leads feel special and they will be more willing to share additional personal information and interact more often with you via your mobile app. This will reinforce the client-agent bond immensely.

3. Develop a Simple Registration Process:

New subscribers to your app may have doubts about installing it if it involves filling out a detailed registration form. So start with a simple form that requests only basic information, such as their name and email address. When they have had the chance to explore your app, and want to access premium content, they will be more willing to share more detailed personal information.

4. Providing Clickable Numbers:

One of the ultimate goals of a real estate mobile app is to convince real estate leads to interact with you in a direct way. In order to enable this, your contact number should be on each screen and facilitate dialing with a simple tap. With today’s mobile technology, people don’t take the time to memorize or write down a phone number, so make it as easy as possible for them to interact with you.

5. Communicating Via Push Notifications:

In comparison to emails, mobile push notifications are more likely to be opened on the spot, so they have the potential to greatly boost customer engagement. Reports show that user engagement with correctly-timed push notifications can be as high as 80 percent.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the average email open rate is as low as 22 percent. So agents who employ a good strategy for push notifications are sometimes rewarded with an unsolicited promotion by their own clients on various forms of social media. With effective push notifications, agents can make the most of their mobile apps and build an integrated real estate leads generation funnel which takes advantage of all the ways in which people interact.

Real estate leads are essential to your real estate business success, and if you’re not using today’s technology to support a lead-nurturing strategy, rest assured that your competitors are. We can custom build an app for you that can help you generate and then nurture leads and so much more! Check out the features that our apps provide, then contact us to request a free demo.