Real Estate Apps Are More Essential Than Ever

Real Estate Apps, virtual showings, and online notaries are more essential than ever. The Coronavirus has forced a digital revolution in the real estate industry with the home buying process still getting done thanks to technology.

Technology allows real estate agents and brokers to maintain their business and sell property during such an unprecedented time. While social responsibility means avoiding unnecessary in-person contact with others, it doesn’t mean that clients can’t find their dream home.

Real Estate Apps and other forms of cutting-edge technology enable industry professionals to get the job done.

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Technology is helping the real estate industry continue to stand firm. Here are just three ways it makes home buying simple.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are more popular than ever. Using VR and advanced 3D modeling means homebuyers can look into properties they are considering while still social distancing. 

While some states are re-opening, the NAR is still advising real estate professionals to seek alternatives to walkthrough tours. Clients need to see a place before they decide to buy, and virtual tours are helping real estate professionals close deals while keeping themselves and their clients safe and healthy.

Online Paperwork

Thankfully there is a solution to paperwork and communication that allows for social distancing. Today’s technology break-throughs make even the most difficult challenges, simple. 

Real Estate agents and their clients can do almost every aspect of buying a home, digitally. This includes signing meetings and all communication and messaging. There are several apps and platforms that allow real estate agents to streamline services, all while providing a fantastic experience for clients, making things safe and easy.

Real Estate Apps

Customized real estate apps like SnApp allow agents and brokers to have their own personalized app. All professionals need is a headshot, branding image, and color scheme, and apps can be customized to match your agency and other marketing materials.

Real estate apps allow customers to view and search for properties by list or map format, creating a great user experience. All this while being able to social distance and stay at home.

Real estate apps like SnApp also allow agents and brokers to connect quickly and efficiently with homebuyers. Professionals can easily alert customers when new listings, updates, and open houses come up.

Lastly, customized apps allow MLS integration, giving your clients everything they want and need.

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The Future 

No doubt, the pandemic has been a tragedy, but the world’s current state will not go on forever. The push to technology in the real estate industry has changed how we do business and professionals now have the tools to get business done no matter what is happening in our world.

SnApp Real Estate Apps

Now more than ever, you need a real estate app. With SnApp it is easy to get started. When you contact us we first discuss the features needed, then create a mockup of the mobile App for your real estate agency. Mobile apps for real estate agents can vary greatly. We edit the design and/or functionality, based on your agency. Once approved, we publish your real estate agency’s App, and your clients can begin using it in days.

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