Real Estate App Development: 8 Features Your App Must Have

real estate app development

In today’s age of digital transformation, everything has gone mobile. While people still navigate through websites, with the rise of real estate app development finding a property is no longer challenging for real estate buyers.

In fact, 90% of prospective home buyers have already taken to the internet to search for property. When considering the market share of the leading online real estate providers in the USA, Zillow ranks first with 36 million visitors each month (as of May 2018). Also according to Statista, the transaction volume in the real estate sector in the US had reached over $450 billion in 2017.

These stats clearly indicate that the tide has changed. Real estate app development offers an excess of benefits so agents can streamline their property business. There is no doubt that mobile apps are one of the easiest platforms you can use to increase your brand awareness and reach your customers.

Real Estate App Development: What Features Are Must-Haves?

Real estate apps have become particularly popular because of all the functionalities and features they offer to their wide-ranging group of customers. Here are some of the most important features that should be incorporated when developing an on-demand app.

1. Customized Home Screen:

This can include your logo, headshot, and branding materials to personalize your app. You should be able to upload a background photo and choose the name for your app. This means that your agency will exist as a “digital business card” on your customers’ devices for many years to come. And, with one click, the customer can contact you and explore the MLS.

2. Property List Search Results:

Fast, clean scrolling is made easy when properties are viewed in list format. Your customers will enjoy a more efficient search process in your app, with the ability to designate favorites.

3. Map Search:

The app should default to your user’s current location and display available properties. The ability to easily zoom in and out and get directions adds to their search experience.

4. Sort Listings:

Customers should have the ability to sort their listings using multiple parameters such as relevance, square feet and proximity. This easy-to-use interface with your real estate app development should make the search process quick and efficient.

5. Property Search Filter:

This feature will allow customers to navigate your listings using multiple considerations to provide an accurate search experience.

Your customers shouldn’t have to deal with outdated listings or incorrect information – they should be able to find the property they want with ease.

6. Favorite Properties:

Customers must have the ability to tap the heart icon on each property to save it in their “favorites” list. This will provide easy, one-click access and updates to these properties at any given time.

7. Lead Generation:

Once registered, prospects should be able to contact you via one-click email, calling, or text to submit questions regarding property details.

Integrating your app with your CRM will provide a more streamlined sales process.

8. Select an Agent:

With this feature, customers can select the agent of their choice within your group. The drop-down selection menu should include a headshot with the agent’s information. Then each time the customer opens the app, the selected agent’s information will appear.

The real estate market is booming thanks to the use of real estate apps. Don’t be left behind! If you are looking for the best real estate app development company to develop a mobile app for your real estate business, get in touch with our expert developers today.