The Weather and the Real Estate Competition is Heating Up: Here’s How You Can Stand Out

Real estate competition is heating up as sellers and buyers get ready for the highly anticipated selling season this summer. Today’s real estate agents must focus on the results they want to attain 90 days down the line, so we’re sharing 3 top tips to help you stand out from your competitors.


In the real estate industry, your activities determine the value you deliver to your clients, the opportunities you generate for yourself and your family, and your bottom-line results. To build momentum and produce big results this summer, you have to begin blazing your trail right now!


Top 3 Tips to Help You Win the Real Estate Competition Race


While there are few industries that are able to match real estate’s limitless income potential, it’s an equal opportunity and unequal reward occupation. To distinguish themselves and earn their unfair share, the top sellers will have to be purposeful and intent about how they generate, manage and grow their business.

Here are three simple steps to beat out your real estate competition and really sizzle this summer.

1. Lead generation:

Whether the determining factor of your success is achieved through tasks or time, set a goal and then nail it. The most successful agents put aside three hours a day (or more) for lead generation. Whatever the key is to generating future business, do it well, and do it unfailingly.

2. Lead conversion:

As everyone in sales rapidly learns, it’s not enough just to generate leads – you have to convert those leads into appointments. To be successful, you need to know your numbers, track your conversion rate, and get better at what you do every single day. Commit yourself to being learning-based and accountable because every lead you don’t convert is money you’re leaving behind.

3. Boost market share:

While 2019 is reportedly shaping up as a strong year for real estate competition and sales, the most efficient way to prepare for the next market turn is to build market share in your local market. Create the mindset and build the habits that are going to help you outwork and out hustle the other agents. Leverage tools…leverage training… do whatever it takes to make you and your team stronger.

Building your market share today will put you in a better position to not only survive the next market shift, but to thrive. So instead of agonizing about it, put your focus on what you can do today to completely dominate your local market.

The Local Level is the Highest Level of Real Estate

At its heart, real estate is a local business driven by agents and the personal relationships they build. The local level is the highest level and it’s where you have the most opportunity to make the biggest impact and edge out your real estate competition.

Real estate competition is heating up – if you’re ready to have the best summer of your career, the plan is simple: Create your best spring, and then don’t ease up.

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