Do You Have the Budget for a Real Estate Mobile App?

How app development companies will charge you

real estate mobile app

When it comes to development of a real estate mobile app, cost is probably one of the first questions on real estate agents mind. If you’ve already come up with a budget for how much you’re willing to spend on the specifics and functions of your app—great! If you’re still considering what you want and unsure of how much those particular capabilities will cost, you need to consider a few things.

  1. App business experience

How knowledgeable is the app development company in launching successful apps? For example, this can be an awareness of “pre-launch app marketing strategies, how to create app-focused websites, coinciding an app roadmap with major launch events, knowing how to build apps faster, how free apps make money, or even why apps often fail,” according to Savvy Apps. For this premium expertise, app companies may charge a pretty penny.

  1. Proven track record

Checking out an app development company’s portfolio should be a baseline. But also, independent data points can be scored if the app development company you’re working with has received industry accolades and recognition from other prestigious app companies.

  1. App development company’s location

Like real estate and the cost of living, it can vary greatly by location. Per Savvy Apps, “Offshore companies will come in drastically less, often 10 times less, especially when considering South and Southeast Asia. Eastern Europe and South America comparatively, can start creeping into the U.S. ranges.”

Additionally, keep in mind when working with an app development company in a different location than yours that some of the tradeoffs may include language and cultural barriers, as well as time zone differences.

  1. App development process

While a development company’s process is a way to clarify goals, hash out time lines and introduce efficiencies, it can be time consuming and expensive. “A process is only as good as the results. Companies with detailed app development processes often see results such as app store features or notable customer names,” says Savvy App.

SnApp – An affordable option

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