Use Social Media To Promote Your Real Estate App

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When it comes to using social media, most people think it’s a no brainer. Sure, everyone understands the basic concepts of posting statuses, and “Liking” and “Sharing” content. However, in the real estate industry, many professionals are unaware of how to properly take advantage of Facebook to elevate their business, increase their list of clients, and promote their real estate app.

There are three tips that every real estate professional should adopt when it comes to Facebook and other social medias, as applicable.

Showcase your real estate app and services

According to, it’s important to “showcase your services and post content your clients will value.” Obviously, you’re going to want to inform customers of your particular real estate business, the services you provide (i.e., commercial, residential, both), and maybe even properties available for tour and open houses. We would like to add, including a link so that users can easily download your personal real estate app.

Focus on your clients’ wins

As much as you want to talk about your real estate business and its services, you’ll also want to mention clients of yours who have recently purchased homes. According to, “When you focus too much of your content on the successes of you or your business, you may come across as conceited and only caring about your success.” Showcasing your clients’ wins can actually serve as a review of your business successes, as well as how satisfied your clients are with the work you do/have done for them. It’s always important to capitalize on your clients’ happiness and satisfaction.

Engage clients authentically

One of the best ways to engage your audience on Facebook, or any social media platform, for that matter, is by responding to comments. Simply “Liking” a comment isn’t going to get you the desired results you’re looking for when using Facebook as a marketing tool for your real estate business. Remembering that Facebook has additional functionality that allows you to go beyond hitting the “Like” button is a surefire way to ensure your Facebook marketing efforts pay off.

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