Google Search Indexes iOS 9 Apps with Deep Links


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Mobile Apps in Google Search

In a recent article on information about Google search indexing iOS 9 apps gave us important news and great insight into the ever changing and expanding application environment. In May, Google began allowing iOS developers to implement App indexing so signed-in users can open content surfaced from mobile apps directly in Google Search. What does this mean exactly?

App Content in Safari

This means developers can now get app content into the search results page on Safari for iOS by adding links to their iOS 9 app, and then integrating with Google’s SDK. Because this is now much simpler, Google is dropping app indexing support on iOS 7 and iOS 8. Google is making the feature compatible with HTTP deep link standards for iOS 9. Google expects iOS users will start seeing app content in Safari by the end of October.

With both Android and iOS, Google Search is indexing content from the two biggest mobile app platforms. This is the company’s strategy to bring the web and mobile closer together: promote apps for developers, offer users content only available in apps, and gather data about where and how users are accessing information.

What Does This Mean For The Searcher?

For users searching for content in Safari, mobile apps will now be displayed in the search results. Users will get app deep links when they start to type their query into Google Search. Deep links into Apps will appear as autocompletions. This allows the user to quickly jump back in if say you leave and come back through Google Search looking for the content at a later date.

Affect On The Real Estate Industry

How does bringing the web and mobile closer together affect you in the Real Estate Industry? It means having a real estate mobile app for your business is just, if not more important, than having a website.

If this news from Google is not enough, here are 5 more reasons you should have a Real Estate mobile app:


  1. Real estate agents get lost in the shuffle with large company app listings. As an agent you compete with thousands of other agents.
  2. Properties easily get lost in those types of numbers as well. Not only do you compete with other professionals but your property will also compete with thousands of other properties.
  3. A customized application gives your customer an easier way to access your products while still having the ability to view the entire MLS.
  4. Customers can efficiently contact you directly by texting or emailing about listings seen that day, as well as streamlining the sales process.
  5. Customers get a personal hand held experience that is missing from larger corporate online options.

Your mobile app will appear in search results while connecting you with your clients like never before.


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