iPhone App Development Dos and Don’ts

Things to keep in mind, during iPhone mobile app development As a real estate agent, you’re likely looking for efficiency, functionality, aesthetics and easy access for all your clients in terms of the tools you utilize. When it comes to iPhone app development, the company with which you do business will have the know-how, but Read more about iPhone App Development Dos and Don’ts[…]

Google Search Indexes iOS 9 Apps with Deep Links

  Mobile Apps in Google Search In a recent article on VentureBeat.com information about Google search indexing iOS 9 apps gave us important news and great insight into the ever changing and expanding application environment. In May, Google began allowing iOS developers to implement App indexing so signed-in users can open content surfaced from mobile Read more about Google Search Indexes iOS 9 Apps with Deep Links[…]

The Value of a Real Estate Agent

The Value of a Real Estate Agent Considering the large risks, it would be crazy to consider a deal in real estate without the professional assistance of a real estate agent. In a recent post by Karen Salmon, on ActiveRain.com, points are made to help buyers and sellers understand that a real estate agent is Read more about The Value of a Real Estate Agent[…]

Taking Advantage of Real Estate Technology

The numbers at which homebuyers are using mobile technology to find property listings is beyond expectations. Today, homebuyers are expecting listings to be easily found and accessed from their mobile devices. This makes having a presence on mobile devices critical for continuing your real estate success. Unfortunately, many agents are not taking advantage of the technology Read more about Taking Advantage of Real Estate Technology[…]

Mobile Phone Users To Surpass 5 Billion

Today, more than 4.3 billion people around the world are mobile phone users. According to eMarketer’s prediction, by 2017 that number will surpass 5 billion worldwide. The chart below comes via Statista, the statistics and study portal:   The statistics portal offers a comparison of mobile phone penetration in 2013 to forecasts for 2017 in Read more about Mobile Phone Users To Surpass 5 Billion[…]

iOS vs Android Engagement

App developer magazine recently posted an article on the new Swrve “App Monetization and Engagement” report. This report is a side-by-side comparison taken during the month of April for app users on Android and iOs. Information from this report details like for like relative rates of retention, engagement and monetization for app users on both devices. Read more about iOS vs Android Engagement[…]