iOS vs Android Engagement

App developer magazine recently posted an article on the new Swrve “App Monetization and Engagement” report. This report is a side-by-side comparison taken during the month of April for app users on Android and iOs. Information from this report details like for like relative rates of retention, engagement and monetization for app users on both devices. This can be helpful information for anyone in the industry.

The Swrve mobile report is based on extensive analysis covering an entire month of millions of users. Just a few findings reveal that on average iOS users spend 45% more on in-app purchases than those on Android. Users of iOS apps are also 32% more likely to make any purchase at all. Speculation on these findings may reflect the socio-economic divide between Apple and Android and the relatively frictionless in-app payment process with Apple.

The unique research also shows how, in contrast to the monetary engagement lead of iOS, Android users spend 17% more time in any given app due to a greater number of app sessions in the month. Detailed data also shows that Android users typically enjoy greater levels of activity with apps, leading in user total engagement.

The report covers all app types, but only included data from those with directly comparable iOS and Android versions.  Developers and designers get information that can help define better ways to build applications.

For a full version of the report, CLICK here.