How Millennials are Changing Real Estate with Mobile Technology

Millennial home-buyers are changing real estate with mobile technology.

Millennials are changing the game with mobile technology.

It’s no secret that the millennial generation is still striving to achieve the American Dream. The 2.5 children and perfect home with a white picket fence surrounding it is a goal that is still very much alive. However, how the younger generation is attempting to attain that goal now involves mobile technology.

For home-buyers new to the game, there are certain aspects that have evolved or become obsolete over the years. Below are just a few of them.

They need an expert agent on demand

Because millennials are so tuned into the online world, these younger clients will have researched their agents, read online reviews, and have found and saved their favorite properties. So, a real estate agent they work with has to be someone who can tell them more about the location than what they can just Google for themselves. “They expect a lot of the professionals they work with and they know a lot about the Realtors they are working with,” Broker David Maez, who interviewed with Candy Dirt. “They are going to do the research before they get in your car.”

Apps are essential

Apps like Zillow or are perfect for millennials who will narrow down neighborhoods and listings before ever meeting their realtor. Some early adopters have created real estate apps that can be personalized for an agent. FYI, they’re talking about companies like SnApp Real Estate that customize real estate mobile apps.

Fast communication and decisions

The millennial buyer is mobile and fast to gather and communicate the information they need in real estate transactions, making them a more informed consumer overall. They demand realtors who are fast on their toes, too. “They’re pretty decisive on what they’re looking for—when I have an initial consultation with them, they’ve done a lot of research and know what neighborhoods they are interested in,” Candy Dirt said.

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