Why Real Estate Mobile Apps Are A Good Investment

Your real estate mobile app is an investment

Find out how your real estate mobile app is a good investment.

As more people shift toward using a smartphone device for practically everything, businesses of all types are and should be, looking to get their foot in. Several real estate mobile applications have been developed and marketed to the real estate industry in the last few years to keep up with the ever-growing mobile audience. It’s no wonder realtors are investing in mobile app technology to gain new clients and sell more homes.

So, why exactly are real estate mobile apps a good investment for your business?


When it comes to real estate mobile apps, the cost to create and implement them can be high. However, the potential gain—once your app is live and being used— will make up for it. According to Inman.com, “Fiksu’s January 2016 Indexes [says], the average cost per install for iOS and Android were $1.88 and $2.42, respectively. Using these figures, it could cost you $940 to get 500 iPhone users to download your app and $1,210 for 500 Android users. Since your target audience is real estate leads, it is safe to say the cost per install for a real estate app will be significantly higher.”

The New Millennial Buyer

The millennial buyer is mobile, and fast to gather and communicate the information they need in real estate transactions, making them a more informed consumer overall. They demand realtors who are fast on their toes, too. Technology isn’t going anywhere. This means for you to stay competitive long-term with younger buyers, you will need your own personal real estate app to stay in the mix of how these young adults are doing business now.

Real estate mobile apps are a resource gain.

When you think about the resources you use as a real estate professional, what comes to mind?  More important, what comes to mind when you think of the functionality your potential buyer is looking for? Likely, some easy way they can see images of a property, messaging/communication capability with their agent,  and an ability to save their favorite homes and set up appointments with you. Well, with your own real estate mobile app, you can provide your clients with a quick and easy way to see your listings AND be able to easily contact you all from one place.

SnApp Real Estate App

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