Turn Any Environment Into Your Office with Mobile Technology

Make outside your mobile office space

Make the great outdoors your personal office space with mobile technology

Being a professional real estate agent or broker means you’re on the go 24/7 and, likely, the outdoors is the place where you do business most. You rarely spend time in your physical office because of showings with multiple potential home-buyers, so the ability to have everything just a click away is essential to a successful day.

Lucky for us, we live in a very technologically centric world, where mobile technology is used in every facet of our lives. And for real estate professionals, this fact allows you to turn, practically, anywhere into your work space.

Below are some ways to help you turn your surroundings into your mobile office with mobile technology tools.

Nix the business cards

The traditional business card is heading toward tech heaven to share space with the cassette tape, laser discs, and dial-up modems. With a plethora of apps out there to help you share your contact information and keep track of others’, it’s a bit ridiculous to take up space in your wallet or purse with a bunch of bulky business cards. According to Inman, apps like “CamCard allows users to scan, manage and sync business card info into your phone or computer immediately with added capabilities like adding notes and reminders and searching easily through your existing contact base.”

Lose physical paperwork

A great way to limit the amount of stuff you carry—making scenery changes as easy as pie—is to get rid of the stacks of paperwork potential home-buyers have to sign. Apps like DocuSign make this a reality. Inman says, apps like “Programs such as Genius Scan allow you to immediately digitize documents while others like DocuSign help you send and sign at any time.”

Ditch video equipment

If you’re still hauling around large video equipment in order to take pictures of listings and create virtual home tours, you’re doing it wrong. Sell that bulky video equipment on eBay and invest in a smartphone or a digital camera, which may also seem kind of archaic nowadays. Inman recommends “Apps like Splice by GoPro [that] allow you to easily shoot and edit video straight from your phone while others like Adobe Photoshop Express and Darkroom allow you to edit photography at the swipe of a finger.

Personal Real Estate Apps

If you’re looking for a personalized real estate mobile app that will allow you to work from anywhere — we have you covered. Here at SnApp Real Estate, we are an experienced real estate mobile app development company that promises to build you high performance real estate mobile apps that are secure. Our apps will help you streamline your business and connect with clients easier, not to mention they are truly affordable.