Mobile Technology Changing How Agents Serve Buyers

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Let mobile technology tools make your life so much easier.

For those real estate agents and brokers in the industry who have worked extensively with mobile technology say it has dramatically changed the landscape of real estate. According to Cedar Valley Business Monthly, “Real estate has gone digital; curb appeal is a whole new ballgame. …potential buyers are using mobile apps and search engines to scout for home listings by location and neighborhood, and comparing and contrasting homes on the market before ever reaching out to a real estate agent.”

Below are just some of the ways that mobile technology has altered how real estate agents serve their current and potential buyers.

High-quality photos and virtual tours are essential.

When home buyers are looking for properties, a high-resolution, high-quality image is a must. It could be the difference between a buyer passing up a property and deciding to put in an offer. Cedar Valley Business Monthly advises, “The home may be great in person, but buyers may not take the time to visit an open house or make an appointment for a showing if they aren’t first impressed by what they’ve seen on their tablet or phone.”

Know how to utilize social media.

Nowadays, if you’re not using at least one social media, you could be labeled clinically insane by your peers. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of the big three, but there are so many more that can aid your real estate business. According to Cedar Valley Business Monthly, “91 percent of real estate agents are using social media as a marketing tool, whether it’s a Facebook page, mobile app or dedicated website. More than 90 percent of real estate firms have websites featuring property listings.”

Virtual reality is an up-and-coming tech tool.

Michael Beckerman, founder and CEO of The News Funnel, predicts virtual reality will “impact building tours in ways I cannot even fathom. This is coming soon and has the potential to be one of the most profound changes in how the industry shows, tours and views space.”

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