5 Mobile Technology Trends in Real Estate Include Your Own App

real estate mobile app

Do you know which mobile technologies you should be investing in long term?

According to Inman.com, “Mobile is still ultra-hot and marketing automation is still on the rise — but real estate leaders aren’t as bullish on the future of virtual reality (VR) or artificial intelligence (AI) emerging technology in the industry.”

Per Imprev’s annual Thought Leader Survey, the following five current technologies and communication channels will be the most important in the next five years. This survey is a biannual look at the key challenges top real estate executives face in the industry.

  1. Mobile Apps

According to Inman.com, 48% of respondents said that mobile apps would be the most important mobile technology for the real estate industry. Obviously, as a real estate mobile app development company, we have always seen the merit in mobile apps and technology. And we know that not only is mobile technology going to be an important factor for real estate, but is an important entity now.

  1. Social Media

In the real estate industry, social media has become an emerging technology for marketing, advertising and communications. 45% of Imprev’s respondents say that social media will be extremely important in the next five years. And like mobile apps, we believe that social media is currently very important for the real estate industry.

  1. Videos and Virtual Reality

Video and virtual tours of real estate listings have become popular for real estate professionals. Images and videos for listings can mean the difference between scrolling past the perfect property and a signed contract. 44% of respondents agree.

  1. Test (SMS) Messaging

It’s probably safe to say that most all real estate agents and brokers own a cell phone, so the chances of text messaging are pretty high (and inevitable). In fact, 37% of respondents said text messaging is going to be one of the most important emerging technologies in the next few years.

  1. Websites/SEO

More and more, real estate professionals are beginning to realize the importance (and understand the inner workings) of websites and SEO (search engine optimization). Especially those real estate professionals with personal websites, SEO can help drive traffic and acquire more clients.

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