Using Social Media For Your Real Estate Mobile App

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You don’t want to be labeled a “spammer.”

The hype surrounding social media marketing in the real estate industry has certainly become more prominent in the last few years. Real estate professionals are taking to social media to promote themselves, their businesses and any mobile technology they’re utilizing. However, if you’re not using certain social mediums correctly, you could inevitably turn off buyers and hinder yourself in the process.

Here are just a few tips that can help you utilize social media to market your mobile app more efficiently.

  1. Share relevant information

It goes without saying that if you want to attract a strong following of potential users to your real estate mobile app, you’ll need to provide them with engaging and relevant information. And not just information regarding your mobile app (though, that is essential). We’re talking about information detailing your company, fun facts about you—anything you think would spark the interest of potential homebuyers. According to Inman, “There are many ways to pique your consumers’ interest on Snapchat: you can offer promotions and discounts, tease the unveiling of new products and give them a behind-the-scenes look at your company, just to name a few.”

  1. Show the “real” you

On social media, in particular, it’s easy to shows parts of your life that potential clients wouldn’t otherwise be privy too. Allow social media to help you market your real estate mobile app but sharing with followers the real you—not just the business you. Obviously, if you’re a well-established and successful real estate professional, you have a large following of people who trust your skills in the industry. However, a great way to help attract more potential clients is to show them pieces of your life so that they feel as though they can connect with you on a personal—as well as a professional—level. “This particular feature can be put to good use by showing your consumers the personality and core values of your company, thus making them connect more closely with your brand.”

  1. Avoid codes and links for users to follow

There are so many ways in which you can attract users to your company and, ultimately, your mobile app. However, you’ll want to avoid some of the peskier methods so as not to drive away business. For instance, Inman suggests you avoid using QR codes on the social media Snapchat.  “…instead of simply posting the QR code asking them to follow your company, you could create intrigue by introducing your followers to a new and interesting way of using your product or service that can be seen only on your Snapchat channel.”

SnApp Real Estate apps work in tandem with social media

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