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How Do Mobile App Statistics Stack Up Today?

There’s no question that mobile technology has changed the way our society consumes, researches, learns and interacts. Similarly, in the real estate industry, mobile apps are becoming a staple for real estate brokers and agents in how they communicate with clients and how clients search for potential homes. So, how do the statistics stack up today?

real estate mobile app
In fact, when searching for homes, 34% of people use mobile or tablet websites or apps.

This statistic is significant as it points to an important trend that’s been growing for years: mobile technology is steadily becoming the main way consumers find, buy and sell their homes. As much time as our technologically savvy society spends with its eyes glued to a screen, it makes sense that one of the largest transactions a person will ever conduct is done using mobile technology.

23% of consumers prefer mobile communications when interacting with real estate agents and brokers.

And that statistic is steadily rising. Licensed, professional real estate agents and brokers who wish to continue expanding their reach and growing their skills will continue to grow with the trends. Staying current with mobile technology is important, as the majority of homebuyers today are millennial consumers—accounting for 68% of homebuyers—and because the days of scanning through the phonebook to contact the local realtor are gone.

In the 2nd quarter of 2012 as many as 9% of smartphone users utilized real estate mobile apps when looking to rent, buy or sell.

4 years later, the percentage has grown significantly, as mobile technology has become one of the primary ways consumers are utilizing real estate information. And not only are consumers utilizing real estate search apps to find their next or new home, they’re also using mobile technology to quote mortgages and estimate monthly payments.

8% of recent mortgage borrowers have used a smartphone to obtain a mortgage quote.

Not only are potential homebuyers searching for homes via mobile devices, but they are also obtaining quotes and pre-approvals. Because of the ease with which information has become accessible, physically going to a bank or mortgage company to fill out paperwork has become obsolete. Now, when searching for a home, a consumer can usually find a button or link that assures a pre-approval or mortgage quote is just a click away.

According to mobile search app company Quixey, 23.1% of mobile device users said they favored mobile apps because mobile apps provided a better user experience. Additionally, respondents also said that mobile apps offered more capabilities and features like offline alerts and push notifications. Tools like these are making the difference among mobile app users in this ever-changing technological climate. And these same capabilities with real estate mobile apps should neither be overlooked or taken for granted.

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