Top 3 Post-Launch Real Estate Tips

Marketing Your New App

New app owners put a lot of time and effort into the pre-launch of their new product. While this is necessary to get your app off the ground, forgetting about marketing  months down the road is a critical mistake. If your new real estate app is going to be a success  it will be important to focus more on your post-launch plan. There is much more to just creating an app and making it available for download. You want your app to get attention and be used by homebuyers long-term.


Top 3 Post-Launch App Marketing Tips

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all provide you with an opportunity to easily market your app. A good example is the Facebook mobile install ads, which are a pretty basic marketing tool whose sole purpose is to have people download your app.  If paying for social media ads is not in your budget, no need to worry. You can still utilize each platform for free. Get creative and offer incentives to homebuyers who download your app. Partner with social media stars to use your app in their content. The key is to continue this marketing long after your app launches.

Website/Blog – Use all that free social media real estate app marketing to send people to your website. Set up direct links on your site that give users an easy way to find your app and download it. Write a blog post once a week with helpful and fun information along with your app linked into it. While you may think that not a lot of people pay attention to blog posts, when it comes to apps, people are actually attentive. Lists go especially well. Not sure what to blog about? Consider reviews of restaurants or fun things to do in home listing neighborhoods.

Reviews – Once your app launches you should start looking at customer comments. After having three days to use it, the users who were among the first ones to download will start leaving comments and reviews for your app. Make sure to view them all and understand your strong and weak points from the customer’s point of view. After all, it is them that you have designed the app for, so their opinion is what matters the most. At this point, you can definitely start looking at the analytics and drawing conclusions from it. You can also find out where and how people are finding out about your app and adjust your long term marketing plans from there.


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