Top 3 Strategies To Market Your Real Estate App

Simple App Marketing Strategies

real estate mobile app

The smartphone revolution has turned apps into a vital component of  millions of consumers lives. With Nielsen estimating that the average person now spends 30 hours per month using apps, it’s more important than ever for Real Estate agents to offer their own for home buyers. Your own personal app can be a great way to increase customer engagement and ultimately drive return on investment. That being said, what will be most important is your marketing strategy. A successful app-driven marketing campaign requires some dedication, but using these few simple tips will get you on your way.

Top 3 App Marketing Tips

1. Offer exclusive content. If you are already using a mobile web sites it will be important that you do not treat your app like an extension. Instead, create app-exclusive content that can only be viewed when they download the app. This can be done simply  with engagement. Make it easier for your clients to engage with you, something they may not be able to do quickly on your web or mobile site.

2. Offer Value. By creating a way to offer app users specific content and value, your clients will chose to return to your mobile app every time. Provide easy accessibility for detailed information and consider creating special deals available only on your app. Show just how much you value your clients who make the effort to download and use your app. It’s the best way to get good reviews and returning home buyers.

3. App Customization. Apps make for versatile marketing tools, but only if you are willing to devote the appropriate resources to their development. At SnApp Real Estate, we allow you to customize the functions and design for your own business. You can give home buyers easy access to the MLS search, and stay connected with them 24/7 without you needing to be available.

real estate mobile app

In the end, your goal is to make your app indispensable, so that home buyers will return day after day excited to work with you.

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