Which Medium Drives the Most Real Estate App Downloads?

Now that you have your personalized real estate mobile app, you might be wondering how to get users to download it. What is the most common question we are asked? What is the best marketing medium that drives people to download apps? Is it word of mouth? Social media? Online advertising?

Here we offer some statistics and a few ideas that might help.

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In Store App Search

According to an article study done by TechCrunch, the battleground for app discovery has more to do with where an app ranks in the search results, than where it ranks in the charts. Or at least that’s what analytics company TUNE is saying, citing data that shows how around half of mobile users found the last app they downloaded via app store search. That is a big number. If you’re not optimizing for app store search, you’re very likely leaving downloads on the table. TUNE has some knowledge of this space, having acquired mobile marketing platform MobileDevHQ, which helps app publishers to optimize their app’s search rankings.

Word Of Mouth

The next top source for app discovery aren’t the charts or featured sections, but rather organic discovery. A solid chunk of users find apps through word of mouth. This means built-in virality , publicity, and social are key components that can help increase this effect. Plus, word of mouth typically comes from trusted sources , leading to better conversion. According to TechCrunch hearing about an app from friends of family pushes 15% of iOS users to download, and 12% of Android users to do so. Meanwhile, reading about an app on the web prompts another 11% of iOS users to download, and 12% on Android.

 Use Your Website

Discovering a new app via a web search, which accounts for about 3% of downloads. The web is still a relevant, and significant, driver of installs. Having a mobile optimized site, a “download the app” interstitial, and strong web SEO, can all help to drive traffic from the web to your app store page. This is an easy and inexpensive way to use something that you already have as a marketing platform.

 Social Media

Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter ads or social shares contribute to a very small number of app downloads. That’s not to say that these avenues for app discovery can’t drive downloads – we know developers get a boost when they get featured or highly-ranked, and Facebook App Install business is huge. Promoting your real estate app on social media shouldn’t be overlooked, considering it costs you nothing to use these pages.

Create Your Own Marketing Plan

It is a good idea to create a marketing plan for your real estate mobile app once it is completed. These statistics should help you understand which medium is driving the most downloads, and now you can take it from here.

If you are still considering a personalized real estate app for your business, we can help you get started.

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