5 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Should Be Utilizing

Real Estate Mobile Marketing Strategies

An increasing number of real estate agents and brokers are jumping on the bandwagon and implementing real estate mobile marketing strategies to generate more business, market their real estate mobile apps, and provide better services to their existing clients. More recently, real estate agents and brokers are creating mobile marketing campaigns through text messages to aid in enhancing their client contact databases.

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While an average email sent in a real estate agent’s email campaign is opened less than 10% of the time by recipients, text messages are read 97% of the time with 90% of messages being read within the first 3 minutes of their receipt. These statistics are unprecedented and these increased conversion rates allow real estate agents and brokers to increase communication contacts with the people they know without spamming them.

The key to successful text message marketing strategies is diversity in the mediums by which clients are being contacted. According to realestatetrainer.com, “Real estate mobile marketing is a highly effective way to supplement regular phone calls, emails and mailings to an agent’s center of influence (COI) to stay first of mind.”

Don’t forget to ask permission before implementing these strategies. Once clients have opted-in and given their permission to receive text communications, the key to fostering the relationship through a real estate mobile marketing campaign is to provide something of value in each text message. The following are some examples of how agents can add value through their real estate mobile marketing text communications:

Real Estate Agent Mobile App Invitation

With this strategy, you can invite recipients to download your mobile app by clicking on a link in the text message. This enables the recipients to easily search for property on their mobile phones, and as we all know, homebuyers are using their mobile devices to consume real estate information more than ever.

 Happy Birthday & Anniversary

Because the mass reach of mobile technology is so wide, sending mass messages is as easy as 1-2-3. You can automatically wish clients in your database a happy birthday or anniversary via text message on pre-determined dates.

 Send Holiday Greetings 

Wishing clients in pre-specified groups of people a Merry Christmas, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter or any other desired holiday definitely helps to spread joy and promote further engagement. This kind of interaction will always keep you top of mind for clients.

 Mobile Coupons

You can collaborate with local businesses to help build client referral partnerships by providing digital coupons from these businesses to members in your client database.

 Hold a Contest

Everyone loves to win something no matter how small the prize. You can get the attention of members in your client database by, for instance, rewarding “likes” on your Facebook page, or having recipients complete a questionnaire to be entered into a drawing for a special prize.

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