How Mobile Technology is Making Home-Buying Simple

mobile technology

Mobile technology has taken all the guesswork out of the home-buying experience

It goes without saying that buying a home can be a tedious experience for first-time home buyers especially. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Real estate professionals are tasked with making the process more streamline, and in recent years, mobile technology and real estate mobile apps have only aided in this endeavor.

Below are just some of the ways mobile technology has helped simplify the home-buying process for all home buyers.

It’s streamlining location finding

Location, location, location. Location is everything, and with the emergence of mobile technology, finding the perfect location is even easier. According to The Washington Post, “Probably the most important part of any real estate decision is location, and the newest technologies streamline the process of finding the right home in the right place through big data.”

It’s the new word of mouth

No longer must real estate agents take the route of waiting for others to talk up their abilities or market their business. Social mediums make marketing real estate professionals and their listings practically hands-off. According to The Washington Post, “We’re seeing more and more real estate agents leveraging the visual media of social networks such as Instagram and Facebook to market their properties, which is great for serious buyers who want an easy way to keep up with the latest listings and get in touch with their agent.”

It provides more up-to-date information

Where once home buyers had to rely on real estate agents to provide information to them (that may or may not have been the most updated information), home-buyers can take on that task for themselves. Additionally, real estate mobile technology brings the most up-to-date listings as well as the status of the homes. According to The Washington Post, “Apps tied to the multiple-listing-service database, such as Homesnap, have the most current information on listings in the area, and they allow buyers to filter their search by practically any criteria — school zone, property history, preferred Zip codes, number of bedrooms, square footage and more.”

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