Your Real Estate Mobile App And Security



Did you know 35% of communications sent via mobile devices are unencrypted and 24.7% of mobile apps have at least one high-risk security flaw? For real estate agents and brokers new to the mobile app craze, one of the first things you need to consider, before all the app aesthetics, is security. When you consider investing in real estate  technology, the mobile app development company should have in place security measures to keep yours and your clients’ information safe.

Disallow Sideloading

According to Rishab Software, “A sideloaded application is the one that can be downloaded and installed from the app stores other than the native stores. The problem with such apps is that they do not undergo the normal security checks performed by the native stores. Users should be restricted from using such sideloaded apps.” Only allow your mobile app to be downloaded from a trusted enterprise app stores.

Check iOS Vulnerabilities

For real estate agents looking to have a mobile app developed specifically designed for Android, know that the Android operating system is more susceptible to malware as compared to iOS. According to Rishab Software, “As a result, many companies put in more efforts to secure their Android app. This does not mean iOS apps cannot be infected. Companies must take the required amount of measures to safeguard the iOS apps as well.”

Keep Operating Systems Updated

Keeping your real estate mobile app updated is extremely important. Rishab Software assures, “Whenever any mobile operating system gets updated, it brings in a new set of security patches along with some features.” This makes it important for the companies to always keep all the mobile operating systems up-to-date.

Make Passwords Mandatory

Unless your mobile app is consumer facing, which most real estate mobile apps are, your users will require logins. “If the app is accessible without a password, it is easy for hackers to get their hands on it and leak your sensitive business data,” Rishab Software warns.

SnApp Real Estate App

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