How Real Estate Mobile Apps Can Save Money on Marketing

Save money marketing your real estate mobile apps.

Real estate mobile apps are cost-effective options

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the appeal of mobile technology in real estate. This mainly stems from real estate professionals actually familiarizing themselves with the technology to reach a broader customer base. However, the worry of cost effectiveness still lingers on the minds of some in the industry.

“Is the cost of creating a real estate mobile app worth it?” Some may be asking themselves. And if so, what are the looming costs of marketing the app?

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, “A recent report by the Palo Alto-based mobile app marketing and retargeting firm Liftoff highlights one of the reasons why brands are often reluctant to invest in developing m-commerce apps: the high cost of customer acquisition.”

Having an app boosts your engagement.

One of the main reasons real estate professionals choose a real estate mobile app for their business is because it helps increase engagement among their most valuable customers and also improves SEO. We’ve discussed engagement before in other posts such as “How Mobile Technology Has Changed the Real Estate Industry.” It’s really a no-brainer that this would play a role in mobile technology’s popularity; however, when it comes to marketing your app, the ability to boost engagement can assist your marketing efforts as well.

Your mobile advertising costs go down.

A real estate mobile app not only helps increase engagement with customers and potential customers, but it can also free up resources to spend elsewhere. While word-of-mouth marketing can be extremely effective, if you’re a novice to this whole tech business, many people may not have heard of you just yet. Therefore, going for the traditional marketing routes, which now includes social media marketing, can prove to be beneficial.

No upfront costs for development and/or maintenance.

This is assuming you are using a mobile app development company to aid with the creation of your real estate mobile app. Some real estate mobile app companies allow for you to convert your mobile website into a native app. This approach requires no upfront costs for development, thus saving time and money on marketing costs as well.

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