How to Maximize Your Real Estate Mobile App

real estate mobile app

Use these features to help maximize your mobile real estate app

As the proud owner of your very own brand-spanking-new real estate mobile app, the excitement of the technology is still pretty fresh. But, soon, you’re going to have to start thinking about how to maximize that powerful tool you wield.

Push Notifications

Most third-party real estate apps have a feature associated with their apps called push notifications, which are, according to Real Match, “pops up after the app has loaded asking if you want to receive ongoing notifications from the app. This is called a push notification because you are asking permission to push information onto the user’s mobile device.” Some app developers avoid push notifications because they can seem intrusive for the user. However, for real estate mobile apps, using push notifications can allow the real estate professional to communicate more effectively with the user. Push notifications for real estate professionals also have the added bonus of keeping prospective home buyers updated on the status of their favorited homes.

Premium Features

Obviously, when investing your funds to build a real estate mobile app (or use a company to do so for you), you want to see a return on your investment. To help, many developers (with the clients permission) will add premium features that can entice users. According to Real Match, “Entrepreneur Magazine points out that offering app with free and premium features is a very popular way to increase interaction and revenue. You can offer your basic news stories for free, but then you can offer premium coverage at a price.”

However, with mobile real estate apps, premium features could include capabilities such as:

  • Reports emailed to clients
  • Commercial property listings
  • Save a particular amount of residential properties

Make Your App Easy

Keeping things simple with your app should always be a priority. According to, reading instructions for your real estate app will really deter people from wanting to use it. Real Match says, “Your app needs to be easy to use from the very beginning and each function should be self-explanatory.”

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