Mobile Technology And Real Estate Agents Working Together

Why technology will never be the sole means for buying and selling a home.

With emerging technology like real estate mobile apps for agents and brokers and mobile websites, it may seem as though real estate professionals are becoming something of a relic like CDs, vinyl records and floppy discs. Mobile apps are starting to pop up everywhere, enabling consumers to take control of their home-buying and selling experiences. But will technology ever really be the sole means for buying and selling a home?

Real estate agent apps help streamline business.


Is it possible this technology could be used to cut out the middleman in the real estate industry?

The impact of technology that could bypass human interaction could become more widespread. But for the real estate industry, technology and real estate professionals seem to have always had a love/hate relationship, with many opting out of mobile technology altogether because of this very fear.

We digress, if you’re still worried about a potential Skynet takeover, here are some reasons why technology will likely never be the sole means for buying and selling a home.

Reasons why mobile technology won’t make professionals relics

  • Some of you have the whole package of skills, not just what you have time to learn. Consumers will always look to you because you are the entire package of skill and experience that an app can’t provide.
  • Years of experience, the connections and inside knowledge will likely always trump the pull of the latest technological advances.
  • Apps have the luxury of online reviews rating functionality, speed, interface and the like, but real estate agents and brokers can create “a halo-effect of selling multiple properties, which gives these professionals the greater ability to catch the eye of buyers and leverage online marketing,” according to
  • While mobile apps also have the ability to expose potential buyers to new properties, real estate professionals have the availability to do the same and keep consumers engaged and build relationships with them until they’re ready to buy. The personal touch of a real estate professional cannot be overlooked or undervalued.

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