Top 3 Communication Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

Real Estate Agent Communication Skills Great communication skills are the key to being a successful real estate agent. Your ability to sell, speak to clients, and be easily available can make all the difference. The successful real estate agent will know how and when to make communication decisions, no matter how busy, to better connect Read more about Top 3 Communication Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make[…]

Catherine Hyde Simply Vegas

Catherine Hyde Simply Vegas – Real Estate Agent App   Catherine Hyde Simply Vegas – Info and Reviews Address: 1780 Horizon Ridge Pkwy #100 Henderson, NV 89012 Facebook: Google +: LinkedIN: Phone: 702-408-2289 Twitter: Website: Realtor: Zillow:

Rocky Spoonts Real Estate

Rocky Spoonts Real Estate – Real Estate Agent App   Rocky Spoonts Real Estate – Info and Reviews Address: 2868 W. Beaurgeard San Angelo, TX 76901 Facebook: Google +: LinkedIN: Phone: 325-949-7719 Twitter: Website: Realtor: Zillow:

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Trends To Know About

5 Real Estate Marketing Trends For 2016 The rebounding housing market is not only bouncing back, but making a huge comeback with new owners, new agents, and new investors getting into the market. There are several factors that have played a role in this resurgence. In a recent blog post on Inman, the top 10 Read more about Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Trends To Know About[…]

The FrontGate

The FrontGate – Real Estate Agent App   The FrontGate – Info and Reviews Address: 2603 Creek Bend Circle Round Rock, TX 78681 Facebook: Google +: LinkedIN: Phone: 512-630-6162 Twitter: Website: Realtor: Zillow:

House Caddy

House Caddy – Real Estate Agent App   House Caddy – Info and Reviews Address: 1200 Iroquois Drive Naperville, IL, 60563 Facebook: Google +: LinkedIN: Phone: 630-753-1397 Twitter: Website: Realtor: Zillow:

Hualalai Realty

Hualalai Realty – Real Estate Agent App   Hualalai Realty – Info and Reviews Address: P.O. Box 819 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745 Facebook: Google +: LinkedIN: Phone: 808-895-5548 Twitter: Website: Realtor: Zillow:

Google Search Indexes iOS 9 Apps with Deep Links

  Mobile Apps in Google Search In a recent article on information about Google search indexing iOS 9 apps gave us important news and great insight into the ever changing and expanding application environment. In May, Google began allowing iOS developers to implement App indexing so signed-in users can open content surfaced from mobile Read more about Google Search Indexes iOS 9 Apps with Deep Links[…]

Country Club Properties

Country Club Properties – Real Estate Agent App   Country Club Properties – Info and Reviews Address: 183 West Main St. Wright Square, Highlands, NC 28741 Facebook: Google +: LinkedIN: Phone: 828-526-2520 Twitter: Website: Realtor: Zillow:

Lonna Bevel

Lonna Bevel – Real Estate Agent App   Lonna Bevel – Info and Reviews Address: 801 N Main Ste A Andrews, TX 79714 Facebook: Google +: LinkedIN: Phone: 432-553-4861 Twitter: Website: Realtor: Zillow: